Angela Gomes

Angela Gomes
On March 29, 1987, Amsterdam became a rising star richer. Angela Gomes would amaze the world with her special works of art. Driven by her infinite creativity and her love for shiny things, she continues to create masterpieces to this day that the modern art fan cannot resist.

However, the road to success was not smooth sailing for Angela Gomes. As the daughter of a goldsmith, she wanted to follow in his footsteps in the most original way. Due to circumstances, she decided to put her artistry aside and work in the hospitality industry. However, the urge for creative expression became too great. Therefore, 15 years later, she decided to follow her talent. This is how the Angela Gomes skuls, statues, and paintings were created!

An Angela Gomes skul is a trendy eye-catcher for your home. Ideal for the daring, because it is very tough. The fine finish also makes it elegant, making this Angela Gomes masterpiece completely irresistible. A good choice if it’s allowed to stand out!

An Angela Gomes statue is also special to say the least. The Boxing Gloves, the Hermes Balloon, the Cleopatra Buffalo, they are all striking eye-catchers with a cute, tough, or comical side. An Angela Gomes statue never disappoints, that much is certain.

With an Angela Gomes painting, you bring a piece of history into your home. Many of her masterpieces are based on classic films or past events. But also for the lover of surrealism, there is certainly an Angela Gomes painting in the collection.

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