Tos Kostermans

Tos Kostermans
The color palette of a Tos Kosterman painting makes the work come to life. The attention to detail, the finesse of the brushstrokes and the design, which attracts everyone’s attention, makes the artworks unique and coveted. Tos Kosterman’s paintings are daring, visual and valued at an international level.

Tos Kostermans, born (1958) and raised in Haarlem, took his first painting lessons with the Haarlem artist Albert Loots at the age of thirteen. Although he gained experience and skills here, he was a born creative. However, after taking painting lessons for a number of years, he acquired a unique style that the world appreciates so much in him today. Although he spread his wings to the US and Spain, he eventually returned to his roots. He found his home base in Zandvoort in the Netherlands, from where he can express his artistry. His interest in culture and travel can be clearly seen in the Tos Kostermans paintings. Impressionism, as well as realism, are inextricably linked to his painted canvases.

Although a Tos Kosterman painting often evokes the idea of realism, the artist also likes to make room for humor, by using interesting subjects as a source of inspiration. This hilarious combination of style brings a smile to many faces and that is the artist’s goal. In addition to fully painted works of art, Kostermans also excels with his mixed media paintings.

Every Tos Kosterman painting is a feast for the eyes. The painting technique used is intriguing and the designs unique and challenging. This makes Kostermans series an international hit. A Kostermans is an eye-catcher and does not hesitate to fill the space with her presence.

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