Raphael Van Der Haegen

Raphael Van Der Haegen
The paintings of Raphaël van der Haegen are similar in style to popart, modern street art and graffiti. Similar in terms of working with primary and secondary colours, portraying popular figures (Bugs Bunny, Pop-Eye) and using text in paintings. As opposed to the usual suspects in regards to materials in graffiti art, Raphaël only uses a paint brush to create his paintings.

Rules don’t apply to Raphaël’s work. As an artist, he loves to push the limits and to incorporate his life motto in his work: don’t grow up. Hence the portrayal of cartoon characters from his childhood. No lack of inspiration here, because while working on one painting, Raphaël already has his next painting all laid out in his mind. Next to paintings, Raphaël also creates custom painted jackets, murals, sneakers and other objects.

Raphaël has been a good drawer from the earliest age. Eventually, painting came on his path five years ago. He used the drawing skills that he acquired throughout his life as a basis for his artwork. Raphael is a self-taught painter, he never went to an art school or followed a course on techniques and art forms. What you see in his work is 100% Raphaël.

Raphaël drew inspiration from his past, which can be recognised in all of his artwork. Born on the 16th of August 1991, Raphael is the oldest child of the family. Throughout his life, he encountered negative influences, but found a way to leave that past behind by concentrating on his passion. With an all new mindset and focus on his work, Raphaël developed his art style and took inspiration from the adversities in his past.

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