Custom De Biest Art

Custom De Biest Art
Custom De Biest was born in Tilburg in North Brabant in 1975. He was always artistic, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 before he picked up his first paintbrush. He soon discovered that painting alone was not enough. He wanted to keep innovating and started to combine with other materials and techniques. This resulted in very exciting combinations, so that a unique Custom De Biest painting is always created. You keep looking at Custom De Biest paintings, because you always discover something new.

As a true autodidact with a very creative brain, Custom De Biest is not afraid to express his fantasy in unique combinations of materials and techniques. He created his first works with charcoal, oil paint and chalk (combined of course), then he switched to graffiti and airbrush. He now also works with photo(pop) art, acrylic paint, professional spray cans, moulds, stencils and paint rollers. Custom De Biest paintings therefore have their own unique appearance.

The inspiration for every Custom De Biest painting is taken from everyday life. Icons from the film world, quotes, special images and the typical Custom De Biest collage techniques, together form the basis for iconic works. When you look at the Custom De Biest paintings, you see beautiful dream images and rich color palettes. Every image is created impulsively, so that every work of art radiates spontaneity and dynamism. Give your interior an explosion of color thanks to a Custom De Biest painting.

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