Tonny Baars

Tonny Baars
Tonny Baars, releases unique and exclusive wall panels. In his youth he developed a special talent for beauty, and translated it into reality with a special feeling. Since the 1980s he has developed into a self-taught designer. Tonny works with different materials, he is known for his use of color. From here he became a talented designer and photographer, combined with the modern techniques. His specialization and from which his fame stems, are the epoxy works that are characterized by special color combinations. His works can be viewed in several galleries, hotels and private collections.

All images are available in different formats and are processed on different materials such as AluArt, Plexiglas and Epoxy, but also in different combinations, for example AluArt with Plexiglas. The exclusive images create a luxurious, extremely strong and versatile work of art with intense colors and a beautiful depth effect. For the real enthusiast, all works of art can be produced in Epoxy, this is a high-quality liquid synthetic resin, which makes it possible to process Swarovski stones in the image. The wall panels are supplied with an invisible suspension system, which is a rectangular aluminum frame that is mounted on the back, some images are supplied with a wide frame as standard. This ultimately provides significantly more depth and sharper colors to the image. We work exclusively in accordance with the quality requirements that are used in the professional gallery and art world. It is also possible to have all images printed on high-quality photo paper.

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