Jack Liemburg

Jack Liemburg
Jacok Jack Liemburg, born in Heerde on October 9, 1967, offers a completely new art experience with his wall decoration. Jacksart is inspired, among others, by those of Lucebert and Corneille, but especially that of Herman Brood. In addition, sources of inspiration such as Kane, IOS, Ramses Shaffy, Wild Romance and Frank Boeijen were not to be missed. Although he was enchanted by Brood’s music at a young age, he only knew years later how he wanted to translate that passion into his own work.

Jack Liemburg paintings are unique, thanks to the inventive way in which photography is combined with paint and brush results. This amalgamation of art gives extra strength to what Liemburg’s art stands for: Rebellion, passion and strength.

A Jack Liemburg painting is a palette of musical elements, journeys made and special encounters. In addition, everyday life runs like a thread through his collection. Liemburg can get its inspiration from anywhere. He was discovered, thanks to his works of art, which were inspired by Herman Brood’s style. His fame soon spread to a national level. Because his work was discovered in Apeldoorn, he quickly became one of the ambassadors of this city.

A Jack Liemburg painting is modern art, a translation of various themes, melted together on a white canvas. Jacksart are colorful, recognizable and offer the space for spectators to form their own ideas

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