Terms & Conditions


To participate in the Affiliate Program, you must submit your application via the affiliate registration form on the CJS GALLERY website (the Site). All affiliate registrations are reviewed by us before making a decision regarding acceptance of the application. If we determine that your application is not suitable for our Affiliate Program, it may be rejected for any reason.


As a CJS GALLERY Affiliate, you agree that:

It is your sole responsibility to provide us with correct information regarding your account, and it is your responsibility to keep this information up to date. Such information includes, but is not limited to: contact details, payment details, tariff and tax information, all URLs of websites on which CJS GALLERY is promoted, promotional means and practices and any other details we request. CJS GALLERY reserves the right to request any additional information about each site on which CJS GALLERY is promoted and any additional information about the practices used to promote CJS GALLERY on such sites. If, for any reason, you fail to provide the requested data, or if the data is not accurate, it may result in your exclusion from the Affiliate Program, temporary suspension or termination of your Affiliate account, and loss of Commissions.

The Affiliate must act in good faith and refer reputable customers. Reputable customers are account owners who have provided valid contact information, activated accounts that do not exceed limitations – as stated in the CJS GALLERY Terms of Service, and who are not flagged for fraud risk. An active account indicates those new users who have created an account and have not canceled it in more than 45 (forty-five) days.

You must not make any recommendations or take actions that could result in a potential loss of revenue for CJS GALLERY.

You should not use any marketing practices that may attract customers who do not have a good reputation.

You must not act in accordance with your personal will with regard to modifying, copying or altering any banner, icon, graphic or any other type of content appearing on the CJS GALLERY Links, including, but not limited to, alteration and modification of trademark and copyright notices without prior written approval by CJS GALLERY.

You must not use self-referencing methods, you cannot click on your own affiliate links and/or banners. Same IP addresses that have been used to log in to the Affiliate panel and to hire will be considered as self-referencing and no exceptions will be made. Additionally, the use of VPN services to make a purchase through the affiliate link will also be considered a violation. Violations may result in the loss of all rewards accrued in the program.

Affiliate shall not engage in any SEO/blackhat spam link building techniques to generate more referrals to CJS GALLERY.

It will not violate any laws.

You must be loyal to CJS GALLERY, you must not use such trust in bad faith, and you must not damage CJS GALLERY’s reputation.

Will not advocate, promote or encourage violence or discrimination against any person, organization or government entity.

If CJS GALLERY suspects or detects patterns of violation of the Affiliate Program Agreement, CJS GALLERY reserves the right, as a result of a violation of the Affiliate Program Agreement, to suspend and/or terminate your Affiliate account and cancel all pending commission payments.

If after the affiliate program, violations continue, knowing that CJS GALLERY would not have entered into an affiliate agreement with the partner, CJS GALLERY reserves the right to terminate the collaboration immediately and/or withhold payment for as long as the program was used.


Only promotional materials approved by CJS GALLERY may be used on its affiliated website to promote CJS GALLERY. Approved materials are those related to the elements offered on your Affiliate Panel. Approved promotional materials may contain CJS GALLERY trademarks, service marks, logos and slogans for you to display on your affiliated website. By signing this agreement, we grant you a non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable license to access, download and display approved promotional materials on your website for the sole purpose of promoting the products operated, controlled and owned by CJS GALLERY.

If, by decision of either party, the Affiliate Agreement is terminated, your non-exclusive, limited, non-transferable license to access, download and display approved CJS GALLERY promotional material will be immediately and automatically withdrawn and terminated.

Inappropriate forms of advertising include, but are not limited to:

Use of any illegal advertising method and/or characterized as spam, such as: unsolicited emails, unauthorized addition of links to forums, broadcast groups, message boards, etc.;

Use of Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) campaigns as an advertising method, and the process of bidding on auctions for keywords containing the “CJS GALLERY” trademark, or variations and typos of the trademark term in Cost Per Click (CPC) or Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) campaigns in search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, Bing or others), without prior approval. You are not permitted to use CJS GALLERY products as a display URL in paid media advertisements and to direct or redirect to CJS GALLERY products;

Use of non-original copyright infringing content to promote CJS GALLERY;

Use of traffic generated by “pay to read”, “pay to click” methods, banner exchanges, click exchanges, PPV advertising, pop-ups/unders, or similar;

Offering “cash-back”, rewards or any other type of incentive to obtain sales without our prior approval;

Offering money-saving methods, including coupons, vouchers, discount codes, or additional value offers without our prior approval;

Use of our advertising materials and promotional materials, trademark, or our name in a way that negatively impacts our image;

Use of iframes, baits, triggers or other techniques and technologies that set your affiliate tracking cookie in any way other than the correct way via click;

Use of link cloaking or masking techniques and technologies, for the purpose of promoting CJS GALLERY on websites and/or networks not explicitly listed in your affiliate profile and hiding the origin of such traffic;

Your website(s) may NOT contain obscene, illegal, or pornographic materials, or any other material that may be censored. This includes but is limited to bigotry, hate speech, pornography, satanic materials, trademarks and copyrights, all adult content, etc. The declaration of material such as these is subject to our opinion;

Your domain name, company name, logo, trademark, product(s), project(s), service(s), may NOT contain keywords and key phrases that have the CJS GALLERY trademark, any variation or typographical errors that are confusing and similar to CJS GALLERY’s trademark, name, logo and domain, without prior approval;

Your domain name, company name, logo, trademark, product(s), project(s), service(s), may NOT contain keywords and key phrases that have or are similar to the trademarks, names, third party logos or domains – unless you have been duly authorized by the trademark owner.

CJS GALLERY shall have the sole right to decide whether a promotional method you use is appropriate or not. Use of any advertising method that we deem inappropriate may result in a warning, suspension or termination of your affiliate account and cancellation of all Commission payments due. Additionally, any rude, aggressive or offensive communication with the affiliate manager will result in permanent ban from the Affiliate Program, no exceptions.


We track affiliate sales automatically using cookies. Cookies are automatically placed in the browser of the user who clicks on the affiliate link to reach our website. Every cookie is stored for up to 30 days. If a previous affiliate cookie is already stored in a user’s browser, it will be overwritten with the new cookie. If cookies are purposely deleted by the user, CJS GALLERY is not responsible for this action.


Both Affiliate and CJS GALLERY agree that they are entering into this Affiliate Agreement as independent contractors and this agreement does not create any bond, franchise agency, joint venture, commercial representation or employment relationship between the parties. You do not have authority to accept or make any representation or offer on behalf of CJS GALLERY. You may not make statements on your website or in any other way that contradict any part of this document.

Any controversy, dispute or claim arising in connection with this Affiliate Agreement will be resolved in accordance with the jurisdiction and laws of the location where the CJS GALLERY entity is performing your Affiliate account allocation services.

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